Session Information


Sessional Kindergarten

Children are entitled to access full-time kindergarten (15 hours per week during term time) for up to 12 months prior to starting school.

If your child turns 4 years of age before May 1st then your child can commence Kindergarten from Term 1 of that year.

If your child turns 4 years of age on or after May 1st until the 30th Oct then your child can commence Kindergarten from Term 3 of that year.

Education Program


Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia is an approved learning framework under the National Quality Framework and outlines practices to support and promote children’s learning.

The aim of the EYLF is to extend and enrich children’s learning from birth to five years and through the transition to school. It assists services to provide young children with opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in learning. (from the ‘Guide to the National Quality Framework  –

Staff use the EYLF as a basis for planning, assessment for learning and reporting on children’s learning.


The 5 Learning Outcomes are:

  • Children have a strong sense of identity
  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Children are confident and involved learners
  • Children are effective communicators


Staff are also required to use the Indicators of Preschool Numeracy and Literacy to inform planning and teaching, to monitor children’s numeracy and literacy development, and to inform the ‘Statement of Learning’.


The Numeracy Indicators are:

  • I explore and understand my place and space in the world
  • I measure and compare my world
  • I analyse, read and organise the data in my world
  • I quantify my world


The Literacy Indicators are:

  • I use language to connect with my world
  • I understand the language of my world
  • I engage with texts and make meaning
  • I represent my world symbolically

* More detailed information is provided in your child’s Learning Folder. Please feel free to ask staff if you would like to know more!


Core Values:

At O’Halloran Hill Kindergarten we believe…

  • In a focus on the whole child
  • That learning needs to be underpinned by constructivist methodology
  • In a focus on the child within their family
  • In emphasising the importance of attending to multiple voices to inform the curriculum
  • In the value of a play based curriculum
  • In the importance of the inquiry process with children
  • In the importance of ‘big ideas’ and intentional teaching
  • In the importance of an active learning environment that includes families at all times


    As a result of this…

    • Children are learning how to be active learners
    • Children are practising skills to achieve proficiency
    • Children are given opportunities to consolidate skills and learning dispositions ensuring that they are confident and involved learners.


    Specific curriculum approaches include:

    • Nature Play
    • Animal Programme
    • Reggio Emilia


    Other information to look out for…

    • Musical Muscles with Caleb Mason
    • You Can Do It (YCDI) Program
    • Dispositions for Learning
    • Child Protection Curriculum
    • National Quality Standard (NQS)


    What to bring

    • A bag – named and easily identifiable.
    • A named hat – bucket, broad-brimmed or legionnaire (as per policy)
    • A named water bottle – with water only (to be placed on table)
    • A piece of fruit for ‘Fruit Time’ – to remain in child’s bag please!
    • A packed Healthy Lunchbox (NUT FREE as per policy) – to be placed in verandah room fridge
    • Spare clothes – just in case!


    What to Wear

    There’s a wonderful Norwegian saying – “Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær!” which translates to “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes!”

    We have an outdoor program all year round, meaning we expect children to be dressed appropriately for any weather (rain or shine).

    They will be involved in a wide variety of activities; paint, water, mud, wet sand, climbing, jumping, running and then they will sing and dance!

    We do have O’Halloran Hill Kindergarten t-shirts and jackets for sale. While our clothing is not mandatory it does reduce the morning struggles of deciding what to wear to kindy!


    • Please ensure clothes and footwear allow your child to participate safely in all activities both indoors and outdoors
    • Suitable footwear (e.g. not thongs or heels)
    • Comfortable and okay to get paint/mud etc. on
    • Encourage/enable children to toilet independently (eg can they undo zips, buttons etc?)
    • We suggest gumboots and wet weather coat/pants in the cooler months
    • We strongly recommend that children with shoulder-length or longer hair wear it tied up to reduce the risk of head-lice.
    • Please label ALL belongings with your child’s name – thanks!


    What NOT to bring (and why!)

    Toys and other valuables from home

    • We show respect for children’s belongings (sharing may be an issue if child is protective of an item)
    • Items may get lost or damaged
    • Items may not be appropriate for Kindy
    • May cause disputes amongst the children (including ownership)

    Cakes, lollies and other ‘treat’ foods (including for Birthday celebrations).


    Kindergarten Session Times

    Tuesday 9:00-3:00
    Wednesday 9:00-3:00
    Thursday 9:00-12:00

    Kindergarten Fees:

    $175 per term (this includes an excursion levy)

    Bank transfer is preferred for all payments made to the kindy.

    Each term you will receive a fees invoice. These fees are payable by the end of week 4 each term.

    Direct Deposit – Bank SA
    BSB: 105-144
    Account: 032 008 240
    Reference: Child’s Name fees

    Prompt payment is appreciated. Parents experiencing difficulty in paying are encouraged to discuss this in confidence with the Director. If you need to pay in cash please see staff.


    Playgroup is currently being offered once a week during term times for children 0-5 years accompanied by a parent/caregiver.

    This service is usually parent run, with parents/carers responsible for the supervision of their children, organising activities and cleaning up at the end of the session.

    Playgroup Session Times

    Fortnightly on Monday Mornings (Odd weeks)

    9:30am – 11:30am

    Playgroup Dates


    Term 3 2023

    Term 4 2023

    24th July

    16th Oct

    7th Aug

    30th Oct

    21st Aug

    13th Nov

    4th Sept

    27th Nov

    18th Sept

    11th Dec

    Playgroup Cost:

    Gold coin donation each session attended

    Transition Sessions

    This is an unfunded program which introduces children to Kindergarten.

    It aims to assist children in learning the routines, getting to know staff and other children and in separating from their parents.

    Transitional Session Times

    During the final weeks of the term prior to them commencing kindy. To be advised upon enrolment


    $60 per year

    Other Information

    Birthday Celebrations

    We celebrate birthdays at Kindergarten by singing ‘Happy Birthday’, blowing out the candles on our plaster cake and giving each child a certificate to acknowledge their special day.

    If celebrations conflict with family’s beliefs this will be respected.

    It is not necessary to provide anything however if you do wish to please speak to staff prior to the day and we will help ensure that it is an appropriate choice (e.g. non-food option, within guidelines, allergy aware).

    Parent Involvement

    We recognise and value that as parents you are your child’s first and most influential teacher. We strongly encourage, support and appreciate parental involvement.

    Parental involvement is crucial in the management of the Kindergarten and greatly enriches the program.

    Please refer to and complete the Assistance Register provided in the information pack. Feel free to speak with staff if you have any ideas.

    Parent Voice (Governing Council)

    Parent Voice is a parent run management committee working in partnership with staff to support decision making and general operation of the Kindergarten.

    It has an annual responsibility to manage the site’s finances, maintenance and future directions.  Meetings are held twice a term at a time determined by all involved.  It’s an excellent way to meet other parents and gain insight into Kindy operations so please consider joining.


    • Office Bearers – Each year we are required to fill the positions of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Without these we would not be able to keep the Kindy running!
    • Fundraising – You can support the kindy by helping to organise and raise money for the kindy through a variety of fundraising activities.
    • Volunteers – All volunteers who provide assistance must be provided with the Responding to Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care (RAN-EC) induction session for volunteers. This is now a 2 hour online session – details will be provided for those interested for 2021.
    • Laundry
      • We regularly need help with washing painting smocks, tea towels, towels, dress-up clothes etc.
      • Please put your name on the roster if you are happy to help!
    • Animals
      • We rely on family support to care for the Kindy animals on weekends and during the holidays.
      • Please put your name on the roster when you can help.
      • You will receive information and induction to support you!


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