Policies and Procedures

O’Halloran Hill Kindergarten is a Department for Education and Child Development centre and adheres to DECD Policies and Procedures (including Enrolment & WHS).


There are a number of required site policies that are included in the Information Pack for you to refer to as needed:

  • Sun Protection Policy

  • Hot Weather Policy

  • Nutrition and Healthy Eating Policy

  • Allergy Aware Policy

  • Site Behaviour Code (including STOP THINK DO)

  • Parent Grievance Policy (with Brochure)

Other Policies and Procedures may be updated or written if and when necessary in consultation with Parent Voice. You will be advised of any changes or updates as required.

Sun Protection

Every child must wear a suitable HAT when the UVR is 3 and above

Please provide suitable outdoor clothing

Please apply 30+ sunscreen before arrival at Kindy.

(If permission is given, staff will reapply after lunch.)

Healthy Eating (and drinks)

Please provide fruit/vegetables only for fruit time

A packed Healthy Lunchbox may include a sandwich, fruit, yoghurt, vegetable sticks etc.

Please ensure your child brings a WATER bottle

Allergy Aware

NO NUTS or nut products displaying “May contain traces of nuts” warning.


Please do not send food items such as lollies, cakes or chocolates that do not support our Healthy Eating Policy.

Please speak to staff if you have any queries etc.