Info for Parents

What your child needs to bring

When making purchases for your child please give consideration to the ease with which they can independently manage zips, clips etc.!

  • A bag - named and easily identifiable.

  • A named hat - bucket, broad-brimmed or legionnaire (as per policy)

  • A named water bottle - with water only (to be placed on table)

  • A piece of fruit for ‘Fruit Time’ - to remain in child’s bag please!

  • A packed Healthy Lunchbox (NUT FREE as per policy) - to be placed in verandah room fridge

  • Spare clothes - just in case!


Please ensure clothes and footwear allow your child to participate safely in all activities both indoors and outdoors.

  • Suitable footwear (e.g. not thongs or heels)

  • Comfortable and okay to get paint/mud etc. on

(Kindy t-shirts and hoodies are available for purchase)


Please label ALL belongings with your child’s name.

What not to bring (and why)

Please do not bring toys and other valuables from home.

We show respect for children’s belongings, but sharing may cause disputes if your child is protective of an item. Valuable items may also get lost or damaged, or may not be appropriate for Kindy.

Please do not bring cakes, lollies and other ‘treat’ foods (including for Birthday celebrations - please see note below).

Birthday Celebrations

We celebrate birthdays at Kindergarten by singing ‘Happy Birthday’, blowing out the candles on our plaster cake and giving each child a card to acknowledge their special day.

If celebrations conflict with family’s beliefs this will be respected.

It is not necessary to provide anything however if you do wish to please speak to staff prior to the day and we will help ensure that it is an appropriate choice (e.g. non-food option, within guidelines, allergy aware).

Paying Fees

Each term you will receive a fees invoice. These fees are payable as soon as possible and in the first few weeks of each term. Prompt payment is appreciated. Parents experiencing difficulty in paying are encouraged to discuss this in confidence with the Director.

Payment Procedure

  1. Please place all fees in envelopes provided. (if you pay by EFT, put the EFT receipt in the envelope.)

  2. Fill in the Money Sheet on the clipboard kept on the ‘Sign In’ Table

  3. Place the envelope in the Fees Box located inside near the office (and next to the Interactive Whiteboard).

Communication from the Kindy

Please check regularly to ensure that you are informed about important information about our Kindergarten. You will may receive information from the following sources

  • Pockets located near the lockers

  • Reminders and happenings for the week appear on the whiteboard

  • We may give you notes regarding excursions and special events. Please feel free to give us notes, too, as it is more reliable than just telling us.

  • You can speak to staff at any time, although it may be necessary to make an appointment during busy sessions.

  • Please contact us at any time by phone or email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Arrivals and Collections

Please observe starting times of sessions. If you are running early we appreciate you staying with your child until session starting time.

In the interest of child safety we ask that you bring your child into the Kindy building upon arrival so that staff can acknowledge their arrival before you leave.

Please be prompt when collecting your child to avoid them becoming distressed.

Please sign your child in/out on the daily attendance sheet.

If someone other than yourself is going to collect your child please write information in the ‘Child Collection’ folder as well as informing staff.

If there are special circumstances that require early drop off, early pick up or late pick up please speak to the Director.

Should an emergency arise, where possible, please telephone so staff can reassure your child. Please leave a message on the answering machine or if you need to speak to staff urgently, hang up and ring again.


The likelihood of success in learning is strongly linked to regular attendance and appropriate participation in educational programs.

It is crucial that children develop habits of regular attendance at an early age. Children who have poor patterns of attendance are at risk of not achieving their educational, social or psychological potential and are disadvantaged in the quality of choices they are able to make in later life situations.

Regular attendance, very importantly, helps children establish their friendships - something that is hard to do when they attend irregularly.


If you are going on holidays or your child is going to be away we appreciate it if you can let us know in advance.

If your child is sick we also need to know as we may need to inform other parents.

During Data Collection weeks (weeks 2 and 3 of each term) we are required to record absence reasons as part of this process.

Health and Medical Information

It is essential that we have medical details relating to your child’s needs to ensure the appropriate management of their health. We ask that you fill in the medical conditions section of the enrolment form with as much detail as possible. If your child develops a medical condition after forms are completed please let staff know as a matter of urgency.

All staff are trained in First Aid. Standard precautions are used at all times when administering first aid or dealing with blood/body fluid spills.

Illnesses and Infectious Diseases

If your child becomes sick (or has headlice) while at Kindy s/he will be cared for and a parent or emergency contact person rung to collect them. We are obliged to comply with guidelines regarding infectious diseases and exclusion practices.

If your child is sick or suffering from any communicable/notifiable disease please inform staff and keep them at home. This helps them recover and assists in controlling the spread of infection.

Please consult with your medical professional regarding the length of time your child needs to be excluded from Kindergarten.

Administration and Medications

Prescribed medicine will only be administered after a parent has signed the Medication Record and provided a Health Management Plan or other required documentation.

ALL medications are to be handed to staff in the original container it was dispensed in, bearing the child’s name, date, description of the medication and dosage.

Please DO NOT leave any medications, creams etc. in your child’s bag.

Medical Emergencies

In case of emergencies or accidents staff will ring for an ambulance as required by our First Aid Training. You will be notified as soon as possible.

Please be advised that the cost of this is your responsibility.

We recommend that families consider taking out ambulance insurance cover membership.